Learn how we select, filter and curate the best assets for our investors


Learn how we select, filter and curate the best assets for our investors


Assetmonk’s meticulous property selection and the scrutinizing process helps our investors invest in the best available assets of the major cities


Asset Curation

Location, builder, and the asset potential are the three main factors we consider for scouting assets for our value investors. All our assets are located in some of the prime areas of major cities. Builder reputation and their track record are also evaluated carefully and we never settle for anything less than the best to ensure investor safety. Asset performance is another important criteria that we make sure our assets comply with. We bag only assets that are well-performing and are of high growth potential

Assets from the prime locations of India

The reputation of the builder and track record evaluation

High-performance assets with growth potential

Financial Due-Diligence

Financial due-diligence is an integral part of our asset selection process. All our properties are assessed carefully to determine their financial viability. Metrics like the growth potential and the cap rate are given priority in our financial due-diligence process. Valuation of the property by careful market analysis is done before the property is listed on our platform. Future liquidity of the property is also evaluated by considering both the internal and external factors to ensure the investment’s feasibility.

Careful valuation of the property

Real estate metrics to analyze the investment viability

Estimation of future liquidity


Favorable structure of the Deal

Our Assets are segregated into favorable product categories Growth, Growth+, and Yield. Careful investor personal research helped us to provide custom product solutions for every investor’s needs. Based on different investor objectives and their investment needs our products are customized. May it be capital appreciation, regular passive income, or low ticket sizes we have a suitable product for every investor objective. Investors can comfortably pick a product based on tenure, returns, and risk preference

Flexible tenure, risk and ticket sizes

Customized investment products

Opportunities for every investment strategy

Legal Due-Diligence

We believe that a good deal is the one that comes without any complications and we strive hard to lock best deals with our investors. We make sure all our assets are compliant with laws and pass through our stringent due-diligence process before they reach our investors. All the confidential documents of the property such as the valuation report, title report, and legal report are thoroughly cross-checked by a dedicated team of experts from the industry along with a reputed third party.

Opportunities only compliant with laws and regulations

Careful legal documents evaluation

Dedicated team of experts to verify Documents


Status of the Asset

Every asset undergoes a thorough site inspection process to avoid any unnecessary disturbances. Investors will be notified of the progress of assets in case of under-construction properties. Timely investment performance details, transaction updates, project photos, and other important information can be accessed easily through the online dashboard. Our high-end technology backed platform ensures hassle-free asset management.

Thorough site inspections

Updates on the progress of the asset status

A transparent and reliable investment process

Risk Analysis

Risk management is every investor’s major concern. Assetmonk goes an extra mile to ensure investor safety. Our risk assessment process helps us in detecting and avoiding any litigation properties, properties that involve a high degree of risk. Through high-end risk assessment tools and effective management of the asset, we not only ensure low risk but also ensure good performance leading to greater profits. Also, the easy resale terms and flexible tenure options help our investors to easily liquidate their assets than any other conventional finance instruments

High-end risk assessment tools

Efficient risk mitigation

Flexible resale and exit options


Now that you have discovered how our asset selection and due-diligence work, get started investing with our safe and secure real estate platform


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