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Commercial Properties for Investing in Bangalore

Real estate investing has become easier than ever before with the advent of innovative investment, government laws and initiatives in place. Real estate investment companies in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, the metropolitan cities of south India have witnessed increased investments in the past few years. Investors from across the globe like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA are considering real estate investing in India. Also with an impact on the global trends in the sector, rapid economic and social reforms, the landscape of Indian Real Estate is rapidly changing. Real Estate investment companies in Bangalore, with the unprecedented growth of the economy of the city, are predicting a further increase in the inflow of investments and FDI in the market. Truly, Real estate investing can help aspiring investors to make a fortune..

Real Estate Investments

Real estate offers multiple investment vehicles to investors. Based on their preferences and objectives investors can choose any investment option to invest in Real Estate. Each of these investment vehicles is different and has unique features. Investors can invest directly in Real Estate through Partnership firms. REITs, Private equity and P2P platforms allow the investor to invest in Real Estate indirectly, where the investor invests in these platforms which in turn buy or manage the Real Estate properties. There are multiple online crowdfunding platforms that allow investors to invest in high growth potential Real Estate properties at the comfort of their house.

About Bangalore

Bangalore Silicon Valley is the fastest-growing city in India and one of the top five fastest cities in the world. Bangalore hosts the headquarters of the many reputed organizations like Indian technological organizations ISRO, Infosys, Wipro, and HAL. Bengaluru has a stable Real Estate market that has witnessed promising returns and good capital appreciation. Bangalore also has well-developed air, rail, and road transport systems. This city also offers a plethora of entertainment options along with the luxurious urban living. Multiple policies designed by the government with the aim of attracting foreign investment made Bangalore’s ultimate location for FDI. Metro lines functional across various parts of the city have positively impacted the development of Bangalore’s real estate market. The Real Estate market in these areas is developing every day and attracting NRI investors also with high returns. Real Estate investment companies in Bangalore, with an ever-increasing population and unprecedented growth of the economy of the city, are predicting a further influx of investments and FDI in the market. Truly, Real estate investing can help aspiring investors to make a fortune if done correctly.

Bangalore best location for Real Estate investment

Trends in Real Estate

Real Estate has found itself in the center of the developing economy with the impact of global trends that are dynamically changing the Indian Real Estate’s landscape. Modules like Co-living, Co-working fractional ownership are taking off in leaps and bounds. With the intervention of technology, Real Estate is being made more accessible to more people. National reforms like GST, REIT’S and affordable housing schemes have also played a prominent role in molding the Real Estate sector to the current shape. With, government’s support through reforms, development of technology and new trends to push their way this sector is developing at a faster rate.

Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

Assetmonk carefully curates attractive assets the investors can invest hassle-free. We always look for promising properties with high growth potential and returns. Location, builder and asset potential are the three main factors we consider for scouting assets for our value investors.

  • Location- The importance of location when it comes to real estate cannot be enough emphasized. Location is a prime factor that affects the performance of any Real Estate property. All our assets are located in some of the prime areas of major cities.
  • Builder- Builder reputation and their track record are what we don’t compromise. We never settle for anything less than the best to ensure investor safety.
  • Asset potential- Asset performance is another important criteria that we make sure our assets comply with. We bag only assets that are well-performing and are of high growth potential.


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