best real estate investment companies in Chennai

Best Wealth Management Company in Chennai

Wealth and Asset management companies help investors to strategically acquire wealth by investing in the best assets and manage their assets. Wealth management is a broader term that incorporates investment management, tax planning, etc whereas asset management deals with stocks, Real Estate, bonds, debentures, etc. These companies provide consultancy and advisory services to the high net worth individuals in managing multi[ple investments. There are many highly reputed wealth and asset and wealth management companies all over India. Best wealth and asset management companies in Chennai are the Sanctum wealth management company, Fortune wealth management company, Centrum wealth management, etc. These companies charge a certain percentage of profits or a fixed amount as a fee for providing the services.

Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate is one unique asset class that every investor should have in their investment portfolio. Investors who are not investing in Real Estate are really missing out on a great opportunity. Whatever the investment objective is, capital appreciation or passive income and whatever budget the investor is confined to, Real Estate boasts to the needs of every kind of investor. With benefits like good capital appreciation, steady passive income and shield to fight inflation, Real Estate stands out as a unique investment option. Investors of Real Estate can also easily diversify the risk of investing across various sectors of Real Estate each with varying risks and benefits.

About Chennai

Chennai is located at the 13th north parallel and 80-degree longitude along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu state, is one of the four metropolitan cities. It is home to the beautiful Marina Beach which is the second-largest urban beach in the world. Cooum and Adyar are the two rivers flowing through the city and Kortalaiyar river outlines Chennai. The city is divided into North, South, and Central regions and is expanded in an area of 426 square kilometres. Chennai is developing at a faster pace with the advancement in the core Automobile and IT industries. The Real Estate market is growing in leaps and bounds to meet the needs of end-users and investors. There are some of the best wealth and asset management companies in Chennai that help the investors in making better investment decisions and helping them to manage assets efficiently.

best commercial property investment in Chennai

Risks in Real Estate

Just like most of the investment options, Real Estate is also dependent on the risk-taking capability of the investor. Real estate offers properties varying over different degrees of risks from greenfield properties with higher risks to zero risk investments. There are diverse investment options based on the risk tolerance of the investor. Some types of risks that are usually involved in Real Estate are approval risk, construction risk, tenancy risk, valuation risk, title risk, and liquidity risk. Risky but Real Estate offers equally profitable investment options, after all, what is life without some risks. Higher the risk higher the profits and lower the benefits, it all depends on the investor where he wants to invest.

Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

Assetmonk believes that a good deal is the one that comes without any complications and we strive hard to lock best deals with our investors. We make sure all our assets are compliant with laws and pass through our stringent due diligence process before they reach our investors. All the confidential documents of the property such as valuation report, title report and legal report are thoroughly cross-checked by our team experts from the industry and a reputed third party. Also, we look into previous transaction history, and the performance of the asset to avoid any loopholes and mitigation properties. A complete evaluation of the property is done by our team looking into the finance and physical aspects of the property. We’ve made our due-diligence process extra stringent so our investors can invest hassle-free.


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