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NRI Real Estate Investment in Bangalore

Real Estate is one of the most reliable investment options for NRI investors looking for high returns. NRI real estate investment in Bangalore has significantly increased. NRI’s usually buy real estate properties for themselves to live when they come back and meanwhile these also produce rental income. But rather than buying real estate properties investing would be more beneficial as the investors don’t have to take up the responsibility of maintaining the property but can enjoy the capital appreciation and regular returns. With FEMA rules and regulations to safeguard the investors in the Real estate, the NRI real estate investments in Bangalore have gone significantly high.

Investing in Real Estate

Real estate offers multiple investment vehicles to investors. Based on their preferences and objectives investors can choose any investment option to invest in Real Estate. Each of these investment vehicles is different and has unique features. Investors can invest directly in Real Estate through Partnership firms. REITs, Private equity and P2P platforms allow the investor to invest in Real Estate indirectly, where the investor invests in these platforms which in turn buy or manage the Real Estate properties. There are multiple online crowdfunding platforms that allow investors to invest in high growth potential Real Estate properties at the comfort of their house.

About Bangalore

Bangalore, is the third-most populous city and the 5th most populous urban area, it is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Its population is estimated to be 84.3 lakhs making it the I24th most populous city in the world and the fastest-growing city of India. Tamilians, Kannadigas, and Telugus communities form a significant part of the population. Hinduism is a major religion and the other significant religions are Islamism, Christianity, and Jainism. About 10% of residents in Bangalore live in slums. The gender ratio of Bangalore is 908 women for every 1,000 men. The Real Estate market of Bangalore is very Dynamic and is increasing every day to accommodate the growing population. Buying Real estate properties in Bangalore will help investors in obtaining higher profits. NRI real estate investments into Bangalore from Singapore, Dubai, and the US through private equity have increased tremendously.

Bangalore best location for Real Estate investment

Risks in Real Estate

Just like most of the investment options, Real Estate is also dependent on the risk-taking capability of the investor. Real estate offers properties varying over different degrees of risks from greenfield properties with higher risks to zero risk investments. There are diverse investment options based on the risk tolerance of the investor. Some types of risks that are usually involved in Real Estate are approval risk, construction risk, tenancy risk, valuation risk, title risk, and liquidity risk. Risky but Real Estate offers equally profitable investment options, after all, what is life without some risks. Higher the risk higher the profits and lower the benefits, it all depends on the investor where he wants to invest.

Assetmonk online platform for Real Estate investments

Assetmonk takes investor concerns seriously, and we are well equipped to tackle your major concern- Risks. Real estate investments can be risky and unpredictable. Our risk assessment process helps us in detecting and avoiding any litigation properties, properties that involve a high degree of risk. Our team through high-end risk assessment tools and effective management of the asset not only guarantees low risk but also ensures good performance leading to greater profits. Our easy resale terms and flexible tenure options also help our investors to overcome the liquidity issue. We ensure that Investment in our properties is less risky than any other conventional finance instruments. Only properties that are less risky and high yielding are carefully filtered by our team to be listed on our platform.


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